The Creative Foundry

The Creative Foundry is a hub to connect Springfield’s 21st century producers to the global network and each other. Together, we’re building a community that will serve as a workshop for melding ideas, sparking inspirations, forging connections, and building great businesses!


Co-working stands on the idea that working for yourself shouldn’t have to mean working by yourself. Co-working brings together independent workers in a shared office space on a flexible basis.  It’s ideal for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers and other independent professionals.

Co-working allows entrepreneurs to forge new connections with like-minded, talented individuals in an informal, yet professional environment! Co-working presents the opportunity to work with intelligent, creative people, often with entirely different skill sets, who share ideas and advice to help further each other’s projects.

It’s working independently without working alone!

As Springfield’s premier co-working space, The Creative Foundry provides the ideal environment to build your business, further your skills and enhance your network. Escape the home office or coffee shop and come work with us!


The Creative Foundry offers a space where true creativity can flow. Working around other professionals helps further your motivation to build your business while encouraging collaboration and creative exchange.