25 Jun

Essay Prompts to Help with Writing on any Topic

Interesting Prompts to Write Good Essays

The key to writing a good essay lies in whether you are able to accurately understand the prompts given before you begin your work. Prompts are questions or instructions you receive on what you should explore within the body of your composition. Most students simply read through a prompt and start writing without really considering the real issues that are supposed to be discussed. It is therefore prudent for anyone wishing to write a good piece to read through these instructions carefully and understand everything before beginning any research or actual writing.

How To Understand Prompts

The most important thing to do before writing your paper is to read through your prompt. If necessary do it twice or thrice just so you can get the full implication of what you are required to do. Remember a few words within the prompt can mean something totally different. You should make sure to look through a dictionary or find out what exactly a word means before you start writing. For example if your prompt tells you to “explain” something, this is different from when the prompt talks of “describing” the same thing. A slight confusion regarding such terms could ultimately cost you a lot of marks.

Responding to The Prompt

Once you are sure of what you need to do, your essay must seek to reply to whatever it is you were asked to look into. The sample paper you write must follow the basic standard of essay writing with an outline that allows you to explain each point systematically. All the things you write in the body of your paper must have a bearing on the issues that were raised by the prompt.

This means your essay will give different points but with the aim of covering a topic or some aspect of the question you received. Your response does not always have to be positive since there are times when you will disagree with the statement made in the prompt. Regardless of your thesis, the points you make must be written after careful scrutiny into the matter at hand.

As you respond to the issues raised in the prompt, it is highly encouraged that you use simple language or words that can easily be understood rather than opting for more technical terms. It is also a good idea for you to pay attention to your spellings and general grammar which includes; comas, colones, apostrophes and full-stops. This is the best way to ensure that your paper is pleasant to the eye and can easily be understood.

Completing and Submitting The Final Paper

After doing all that has been stated above, you need to verify that your paper accurately covered the issues that were raised in the prompt given. It is also a great idea for you to verify whether your paper has the right format or not. Finally, hot essay should cite or give references to all sources of information you used in responding to the issues raised.