What exactly is CoWorking?
There are descriptions of Co-Working on Wikipedia and here.

Here’s our take: Co-working is a platform that focuses on creativity and community. It stands on the idea that working for yourself shouldn’t have to mean working by yourself. Co-working brings together independent workers in a shared office space on a flexible basis, encouraging collaboration and creative exchange. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers and other independent professionals.

Co-working allows entrepreneurs to forge new connections with like-minded, talented individuals in an informal, yet professional environment! Co-working presents the opportunity to work with intelligent, creative people, often with entirely different skill sets, who share ideas and advice to help further each other’s projects.

It’s working independently without working alone!

As Springfield’s premier co-working space, The Creative Foundry provides the ideal environment to further your skills, enhance your network, and allow true creativity to flow. So escape the distraction and isolation of working at home, and come work with us!
How do I know if CoWorking is right for me?

The simplest answer is to try it so you can find out for yourself. Most CoWorking centers have daily drop in rates that let you get a feel for the place and see if you fit. At The Creative Foundry the drop in rate is $7/day and drop in hours are 9-5, M-F.

If you don’t work in a traditional office environment, work primarily out of your home or move from café to coffee shop and are more productive and satisfied while working around others then there is a good chance that co-working is right for you!
How does co-working compare with renting your own private office space?

1. Working alone can be lonely.

Working in a private office creates a “keep-to-yourself” working environment, and the lack of human interaction can be difficult for some. Co-working creates opportunity for social and professional interaction with people who are motivated and talented. Working in a co-working space can give you that that missing social element.

2. Co-working is flexible.

The Creative Foundry is open 24/7. Come in when you want, leave when you want. Some of our members work standard office hours, others have more flexible schedules.

3. An Office Space this great is expensive!

When you rent a private office, rent is not your only expense. You also have to purchase your own supplies, furniture, equipment, utilities, and internet access. At The Creative Foundry, we provide all of this and more.

4. No lease. No contract.

Commercial office spaces often require you to sign a lease of one year, sometimes longer. Renting a co-working space at The Creative Foundry is a month-by-month arrangement which you can cancel at anytime, with no worries!

5. Meet people, create relationships.

By working with others around you, it’s easy to make a friend or ten when co-working. Often times co-workers grab lunch together, make plans for the weekends, or create brilliant ideas together. Occasionally a start-up company is formed.

6. More productivity, less procrastination.

There is just something about having others around you who are working hard and focusing that helps you concentrate and be more productive. This is the phenomenon that co-working is built around: positive social pressure. When witness the people around you making big things happen, creating fantastic ideas, or sharing their success stories, it motivates you to success.
What type of people are members of The Creative Foundry?

The membership roster of The Creative Foundry is constantly changing. However members are typically a mix of design professionals, programmers, web developers, social media consultants, vidiographers, writers and start-up companies. Our members are typically independent minded, ambitious and well connected.
Can I drop by for a tour?

Definitely! We are open for drop in access Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM. Staff or a member would be happy to give you a tour of our space and answer any questions you might have.
What are your hours?

Drop-In Access:

Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM

Member Access: 24/7
Do I have to sign a lease?

No contract necessary! The Creative Foundry offers month-to-month payment options so that you can be as flexible as you like!
Can I bring clients and customers in?

We offer our conference room, media room, table, lounge space and more to host meetings and events with customers and clients. Please keep in mind that there are others working hard, you do not want to be a disruption or distraction. Ask us how you can reserve space within the Foundry and use our office after hours to host events.