Who we are

The Creative Foundry is one of more than three thousand CoWorking communities around the globe. It provides resources and infrastructure for small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Within the Creative Foundry we generate the platform, support, infrastructure and conversations that drive community and commerce. We contribute to the economic development and social vibrancy of Downtown Springfield.

What is CoWorking?

CoWorking is a style of working that brings together independent professionals in a shared office space. CoWorkers enjoy the resources, equipment and social opportunities of the workplace, while operating independently and pursuing their own projects with low overhead and no long term commitments.

The Six Principles of CoWorking: 

  • Collaboration – We attract a diverse group of people with a wide range of backgrounds and knowledge.
  • Openness – No office walls, transparency, openness, choice, inclusiveness…
  • Community – Emphasis on people, their interactions, and relationships that arise.
  • Localism – Our members support our local economy and generate economic vitality.
  • Sustainability – CoWorking has a light footprint and it sustains the community, it’s members and infrastructure.
  • Accessibility – CoWorking spaces are melting pots. You never know who will select in or who will select out. It’s a discovery.