23 Aug

Why Bean Bag Chairs are Perfect For Children

Bean bag chairs are idea for children in many different situations both in and out of the home, but the reasons are fairly clear. Bean bag chairs for children combine affordable price points, durability, resistant to spills, and easy to clean surfaces in products that are nearly indestructible. Each of these aspects is worthy of a little further exploration in order to determine whether bean bags for children are worth considering, or just another product playing on the emotion-driven buying habits of parents.

Many bean bag chairs for children retail for under $75, with smaller variants tending to be the most affordable solutions. While there are always vendors targeting parents by offering questionable features at high premiums, the competition for bean bag chairs is simply too fierce for such business practices to be the norm. That is not to say that there are not a few companies that will try to sell double stitching and/or thicker surfaces as if they are things that every good parent that loves their child(ren) needs to buy, but these companies do not tend to last long.

A side effect of this competition is the booming online market for bean bag chairs for children in particular, as well as bean bag furniture in general. Google Shopping, Amazon, and Nextag collectively show few bean bag chairs for children that cost over $80 before shipping and handling. The majority of bean bag chairs targeted at children/parents cost under $40, especially at sites that specialize in last year’s models, such as Overstock.com and eBay.

While being affordable is always a nice feature of any product, bean bag chairs for children would not be a wise investment if they could be easily damaged. Most children seem to have an uncanny knack that involves the complete and utter destruction of anything that they can play with for more than 30 seconds. This often includes furniture, which is why many retailers try to sell very sturdy bean bag chairs when children are the target audience. Luckily, the added material and labor costs are not very high thanks the global economy. Durability means that children can chew on, kick, and otherwise attempt to demolish bean bag chairs for children with little to show for their efforts most of the time.

Durability is important for most children, but not for all. Some children are mild mannered and relaxed, but even those children are likely to spill drinks and/or food once in a while. Spills can be thwarted with a well-chosen synthetic surface, but most bean bag chairs that are marketed to parents of younger children come with a spill resistant surface. There are a few exceptions to this rule, so be certain to inquire with a vendor if this is an issue. When spills do happen, be sure to ask how to clean them. Most modern bean bag chairs are fairly easy to clean, but some require special cleaning solvents and/or techniques.